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Pearls of Thunder

There is Something Happening Here, what it is became crystal clear to me in seems another life long, long  ago back in another century in1994. Even though the song “For What its Worth” by Buffalo Springfield, was inspired by armed military men on a street corner here in America, Land of the Free, back in the 60’s. Like many other words to songs, by the Rock and Roll of the 7 Pearls (As I call Them) of Thunder kept secret in Revelation 10, can have more than one meaning. Can we all figure out exactly what it is that is going down? Another hint is the New Way Steve Miller found in Space Cowboy.

I’d like to tell you an important truth of these times kept secret in Revelation 10 for these latter days, to all happen in the flesh this time too, just as leaders were not ready for that 2000 years ago. It was a Rocking Down angels awakening (About Jacob’s Dream of angels coming up & down a ladder.) that woke me up to what found out latter was kept secret in Daniel 8:26 about stars 7 hosts of heaven getting trampled as human beings in Daniel 8:9-14 when them stars & hosts were dragged down here to get trampled buy today’s establishment-the horn that grew up to heaven. While writing a brother about the good things to happen in these times, like the lion laying down with the lamb, beating swords into plowshares-feeding the world-never to train for war again stuff leading to us sitting under our fig trees with no one to make us afraid; these words came to me which wrote down as came through back of my mind. “We may very well been hear the Peals (I call them them Pearls.) of Thunder for a long time now.” I knew instantly they were Rock and Roll for Rock was where had found much truth in through out life.


Then after hearing Joe Diffie’s “Welcome to earth 3rd Rock from the sun, saying in a small bar of one main street town north of Petaluma, the crowd agreed with me when said, “We have been hearing the Peals of Thunder for sometime now.” After went to look them up in Revelation 10, where never recalled hearing or reading about them being kept secret. But they have been revealing many of the mysteries from above. They are also the holy people whose power is just about SHATTERED in Daniel 12:7. Please notice that the only 2 times that someone rose his hand and swore by him who lives forever about these latter day times, (Latter than every before.) is in Revelation 10 and Daniel 12:7, so I strongly believe those verses tie together. Am quite confident that they are those with insight in the lost jewel of Daniel 12:3 who will shine brightly when given control of the TV leading the world towards peace, freedom and brotherhood.

A big part of the confusion from massive chaos at high volume coming out of our TV set, is lots of people having one hand on the Bible, and one on the gun. The 2 don’t mix well. Yet we hear many from the religious right I call the MEDIA-RIGHT-STORM, telling many in power, and US, that its GOD’S WILL for US to Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran, so we can fulfill a war THEY call Armageddon (That I call Arm-a-Garden) over in the Middle East.


Some of the Religious Right, MEDIA-RIGHT-STORM, (As this Cyberspace Cowboy has come to call them.) will say that that war is in Daniel 7, along with Revelations. From my looking at Daniel 7: 3 of those beasts powers are taken away after a World Court sits for judgment. Though one is given authority to rule for an appointed period of time. Yet in Revelations it says kings of the Earth will go off and make war against the Lamb to fulfill Armageddon. If he does come flying out of the sky, why would they do that? Wouldn’t it be more likely that they begged for mercy?

Arlo Someday

There are Lives in the Balance as THEY march US off to war. We can’t escape death today. But is there anything more important than just putting food on the table for US and our Families and Friends? I have come to figure that if America had been minding only the business of “its people” 9-11 never would have happened.

But it sure seems to me that America has been looking out for CORPORATE INTERSTS for so long, it has long forgot about maintaining the basic facts of life. I think I do remember John Lennon saying that he thought our main problem on Planet Earth was that we are just going to fast. I can see fruits of that Lennon fact, in Bush’s rush to war with Iraq. Lennon did say, “No other Nation is going to attack America. America will fall from within.” My wish would be for it to get down to a slow crawl. Until we fix it. Before it falls violently from within.

Are there any real solutions to keep this Beautiful Planet from falling deeper and deeper into chaos than its in right now. If you are reading this, chances are you have already heard of lots of things trying to help us all. From calls for a general strike or 2, to a trucker’s slow-down, a call to arms to spread all the good online articles around to those not yet connected, and a whole host of other good progressive sites on the web-net.

As I heard Pete Seeger on PBS TV say not too long ago, “Bring all the troops home from all over the World.” This David Evan’s You Tube video song, “Bring the Boys Home,” gives US all something to call out for. How long before a generation’s lost dreams are fulfilled? If we want to offer this Land’s next generation a better life than the last 50 years, bring back to Home Port all of the U.S. Navy Ships, and then Painting them like Colorful Flowers, would make quite a statement to me!

I’ll tell you that the New Way Steve Miller found in Space Cowboy is how these latter days we are in will be played out. I would bet that Miller found DANIEL 8:9-14, where Stars and Hosts of Heaven were dragged down here to earth and then trampled by today’s establishment. It is explained by Jacob’s Ladder, which was a Dream of Angels coming up and down a Ladder. Does that tell you that IT is just like the days of the Lamb. Where the religious leaders are waiting for some superman to come flying out of the sky.

It is going to take “We the People” to legally rob the Banks of their profits, as Isaiah 23:17-18 says. Then to spread out the wealth to all, for fine clothing. That might take throwing the kings of the earth in jail as Isaiah 24:21-24 says. At that time “We the People” shall have reason to celebrate being passed over and have that big party of Isaiah 25.

As long as no one gets a mark (Well this was first written in 2009 and since now it looks like we all have the masks-marks to buy or sell, am with the girls who talk of their designer masks-marks. I didn’t know Mavercik and John Lennon up there were that hot a shits. We are now all in it together.) to buy or sell, everyone will overcome as that great multitude who go through a great tribulation will. Once they are shown asking for vengeance, then they are shown with palm leaves in their hands. But the most important thing to remember in these days is that no one must ever get a mark put on them to buy or sell. Then we would have changed history.

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