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Rocking Down Angels From the Promised Land

Does anyone really know what time it is? Its not that I think Dylan in “All Along the Watch Tower” was wrong about the hour getting late. It was more like he was right about many among us thinking life was but a joke. Which has lead US to just wasting time.

Since the gospel of a brotherhood of mankind has been preached and even trampled all over this Beautiful Planet, we are closer to the days the Lamb said would come. Which having taken a good look around these times, I see the Day of Aquarius (The 5th Dimension…) is closer than it has ever be

(Or even as Marty Stuart sings, “The second coming of the redman is closer than it has ever been.)

That can’t be much different than what John Lennon sang in Imagine. Which is the closest words that has been written lately about having all things in common as the first saints had. I believe Lennon was right when he said, “If the people knew they could have Peace, we would have Peace.”

Even Eisenhower saw a day when the people would demand Peace so much that the govt. Would have to get out of the way and give it to them.

So if these are the latter days spoken of by Daniel, the Lamb and other Prophets… Not just Biblical ones. For even the Native American Indians saw a generation coming which would stop destroying this Beautiful Planet. How will these latter days be played out?

I got clue back in 1994 after I felt I had a purpose when my Mom gave me an article about the Mondragon Cooperative of the Basque in Northern Spain. I saw right away how Unions here in America could work out the details of the wealth being spread out through worker-ownership.

In Mondragon you cash in your shares as owners of the company upon retirement, and that even includes a Social Security check. There has to be a way to fulfill Isaiah 23:17-18 where it says the wealth is spread out. Even if it means throwing the kings of the earth in jail as Isaiah 24:21-24 says. All of this would surely lead to that big party of Isaiah 25.

Then I saw on CMT for about the 1000th time Little Texas here as I had always sung it: “Rocking Down Angels from the Promised Land.

I said to myself, while on my knees, before the TV mourning about a love that wasn’t working out, “That is what happened. We all came down from above. Boy have we been told some trash about these latter days we are living in.” Then I said, “Woe, I’m Michael. I can’t tell anyone this or they will think I am crazy.” Well 4 days later a man on the phone completely out of the blue, told me about the war in heaven which was thrown down here to earth in Revelation 12. Which dragged a third of the stars out of the sky.

Well, I looked it up and saw 12 stars on a women’s head, with there being 12 Deweys counting my parents. (of which I was #9 or #11!) My Mom had recently told me I had taken 4 days to be born, and the woman was travailing to give birth. And to top it off the child to be born after John’s Revelation, for he was told prophecies of the future. The child was caught up to god and his throne; which I saw after getting knocked off of a 6-foot ladder by 277 volts going in one hand and out the other grounded to an emt pipe, back in 1982. The woman was also said to have her foot on the moon, which America landed on in 1969.

My foreman came around the corner as a was shaking in a seizure on the floor, as he told me years later (At IBEW Union Hall.), along with how he thought he had rushed me, and that he thought I was gone. For at least months later I kept asking why I was still here, for there was an imprint in my mind of a white throne. Since I had just recently left the born again church, I thought I had done that unforgivable sin and had been judged. Wondered why they didn’t just take me then.

It was years after 1994, that I even remembered that 2 men from out of Town, who had given me a ride in 1978 had told me that I was Michael the archangel. Right after telling me, they mention all the kids who had gotten killed around the county in car crashes in them wild 70’s muscle cars.

I didn’t remember any of that until AFTER getting driven out of my Abbey Road condo right around the block from “Club Forty’s” in what I call Lemon-minister or Lemon-town. (Johnny Appleseed was born in Leominster, and being driven out on road became 2nd coming of Appleseed.)  You all know how many days it rained for with Noah, along with how many years Moses wandered through the desert…

The jukebox came alive more than with just this Neil Young song Hurricane.-for I had seen this little blond in a crazy hazy bar right after my fall from a ladder… And boy did that ladies emotions cut me open (For no good reason. I claim she is the jewel of the kingdom and oppressor was sent through in Daniel 11:20, that SHATTERED the prince of the covenant in Daniel 11:22.) in 1994 as Neil sings.

[One thing I am differently trying to say is that “Rock and Roll” are prophets of our time. Don’t we all know that they speak of what is down inside our hearts? They are the 7 peals of thunder kept secret for our time in Revelation 10. You can find the Beatles song Let it Be & Live and Let Die or let live is the last advice given to John in Revelation 22:10-11, as it says let him who is filthy still be filthy and let him who is holy still be holy…)

AFTER BEING driven from Abbey Road and Forty’s Club. Some of which was partly my fault. I found what was sealed up in Daniel 8:9-14 which Daniel 8 says twice was about the latter days, was that stars and hosts were dragged out of heaven and trampled as humans.-that is the only interpretation which could ever make real sense. The horn that grew up to heaven is tody’s run-a-muck establishment. Doesn’t Daniel 12:1 have to have some meaning to this age, for it is there that says Michael arises?

Michael is one of the olive branches shown in heaven in Zechariah 4 and said to be killed in Revelations 11. John Lennon was the other one and his death is how these times were cut short or no one would survive. The covenant of the prince SHATTERED in Daniel 11:22, set prisoners free from hell in Zechariah 9:11 and Revelations 9:1-2, and he must never go to the big apple.

Another thing that you can be sure of is that I feel like Rod Stewart, when he sings this Rhythm of My Heart is Beating Like a Drum, for true Peace and Liberty, as he sings in this Song.

Charitable Donations to keep spreading the rekindled not moral enough to kill group w bench movement.


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