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What Happens When This Ends Up A Key Truth Of Our Times

{{2010 Marie from Belgium & me on my 53 birthday on her 3 cold fall weeks visit to New England Weeks. My Yoko to help unite America with Islam as Lennon thought of Yoko uniting the west with the east. She walked away from Islam on her own after her return to Belgium and me turning her back on to the Rock and Roll Peace-Freedom Dreams of 60s-70s. She had found peace from a wild younger life when opened a Koran in early 80s, not going out in public without head covered for 26 years.}}

Let me tell you people that we found a new way, and am tired of business as usually going on today. Any of you remember that anti-establishment Space Cowboy rocken song by Steve Miller? Am going to tell you that these are the “latter days” since the good news of the gospel has been preached and even trample all over the world.

That new way we found is that it’s all going to happen in the flesh this time too, just as religious leaders were not ready for that 2000 years ago. There are some heavy dues to be paid by the powers that be who are only offering more wars and debt for them to prosper from, while breaking the backs of the people. I am trying to tell you somethings that were kept secret in the Bible. It is the age old battle for freedom from empire as 200 and 2000 years ago.

[Is anyone out there in Cyberspace who is ready for that? I know many are not ready nor know where it’s at & it will solve much. And when all is said and done, you do not even have to believe any of it, or any kind of that salvation trash. You know that “I’m saved. I’m saved or that kind of trash means nothing. Just don’t get no mark to buy or sell, but even if you do, (Edited 2021 when will be perfectly honest did not see the Mask-Marks coming in such a positive way of us now all in it together. Sounds to me like something John Lennon would dream up.Them Mark-Masks to buy or sell sure look like would qualify as marks from Church-State Beasts of Revelation 13, with now a MAGA-EGO-IMAGE,,,am hoping them 144,000 Pearls of Thunder of Thunder Rockers can cure in Revelation 14, with “new song” only they can sing. Since them 144,000 were sealed on their foreheads in Revelation 7, are they what was sealed up or kept secret in Revelation 10?) you get a 2rd chance around a 1000 years from now when born again.

Talking of that, if we work things out in this generation, that last war a 1000 years from now does not need to even happen. But the powers that be, those who bring in the stumbling blocks causing the little ones to stumble, will have a form of hell for a 1000 years when they look down on what they have done to the people, with them saying, “We did that to them? If we don’t fix it we will deserve the punishment to come.” Hope you all figure out where that is at.]

It all started in Club 40’s, where it poured and rained for 40 days and nights  of jungle love in a crazy hazy tough great pool playing bar in Leominster.  Now I call Tough Little City Lemon-minister, or sometimes Lemon-town when pissed at the people instead of the fruits of THE-MEDIA-RIGHT-STORM’s descending stone throwing slime out of the TV & down into an overworked underpaid society (Crowded Bars too.) that can’t mind its own business. (Hope you can see that that MEDIA-RIGHT-STORM is why I call the city Lemon-minister. It was Jungle Love in Club Forty’s which exploded on me, right when me & people were feeling I was myself.)

(Photo called “THE-MEDIA-RIGHT-STORM.”)


Back in 1994 an overworked, worried Sunday barmaid cut open my soul and social conscience while me trying to get 5 minutes alone with her. Her running around like a chicken with its head cut off, talking to other people about me and close enough for me to know what she was doing. That really started to piss me off… for with her by my side, my so called bad habits would have faded away. Don’t want to say much more about that right now.  (Its all in detail on the “It Shouldn’t Happen to Anyone” blog on this site.) Lettering in the spirit of Arlo Guthrie’s littering was all I could do. Would get so blown away I when I did have more than a few chances, which we both kept blowing. As frustrating as it was, I was also starting to come out of my shell and be the person I had always wanted to be down inside, with my pool game where had always wanted it. People were telling me they saw the positive changes and was even getting along with tough bar owner 40 who had always given me a hard time thinking I was hustling his costumers.

Then while watching CMT (On 24/7) Little Texas’s God Blessed Texas came on for the thousand+ which I’d sing, “Rocking Down angels from the promised land.” (On my knees broken hearted over the complicated time me and that lady were having talking to each other.) I said, “That is what happened, we all came down from above. Boy have we been sold some trash about these latter days that we are living in.” Then “Woe, I am Michael. I can’t tell this to anyone for they will think I am crazy.” Did pretty good about not talking about it specifically…but people had witnessed me coming out of my shell, and part of it slipped out once, at of all places Michael’s Pub, (I did get a kick out of it just opening.) where the big time jerk of that time was pushing me, and I said, “You know of that war in heaven which dragged a 3rd of the stars out of heaven and threw them to earth with Michael?” (Weeks latter tried to come in to Michael’s for a beer and owner says that question scared people.) Rumors had started & complicated even more a blue collar to the core romance. Many people around town had seen that happen. They knew it could have help America a lot. My main message as not changed much since then: worker owned companies so people could have good enough jobs, with enough time, so as to be able to spend their money as they wished.

{First sight of her in crazy hazy bar, The Old Oaken Bucket, (Afternoon after work 1980s a bar people from all over the State of Confusion; Massachusett people always asked “How do we all end up  here when we work all over the state?” I would say to see Ellen hostess to the overworked crowd.) years earlier had me saying what a wonderful wife she would make, as watching her jump into her dart throwing at Old Oaken Bucket, workers from all over Massatack would drop into too see fine hostess Ellen, who made all feel comfortable, as we lusted in hearts over her. Ellen did kiss me on check outside in back of full car of pot heads. My older brother John did mention after that, you know she is married to the owner. in back of Them 2 in same room. Whew, whew.}

Then 4 days after that rocking down angels awakening, a friend I was looking for electrical work from, asked me if I had ever heard of Revelations 12 where a war in heaven threw a third of the stars down here to earth? I went and looked it up, and saw 12 stars on the woman’s head travailing to give birth. There are 12 Deweys and my Mom had told me 2 weeks earlier that I had taken 4 days to be born as the 9th child of 10. The woman had set her feet on the moon, as America landed on the moon. The child was caught to god and his throne. Which, I saw when back in 1982 277 volts went in one hand and out the other landing on my head off of a 6 foot ladder. With me off to the left seeing something laying before the throne, with a memory of a voice saying “that is you.” Foreman came around the corner and saw me shaking around in a seizure, saying to me years latter he thought I was dead. For months kept asking myself, where did that white throne come from that just looked like the Lincoln Memorial in the back of my mind? Since I had left the born a again Church a year earlier “figured” (Wrongly) that I had been judged & had committed the unforgivable sin that so many preachers had talked about turning me off to what had “thought” was the right thing to do.  Good enough reason for me to drink for the 80’s while putting in enough time at pool to become a decent player. In 94 I had my composure that had always been after to have a chance of winning a New England A 9 Ball event. But had to make it with this lady before even bothering to compete, for she would be in the back of my mind. I had run my share of B+ Tournaments after “The Color of Money” opened up lots of Pool Rooms around New England. It feels good to be able with about any angle get the cue ball in position for next shot or safety.

Well things exploded in crazy-hazy-tough Club 40’s on me for could not get the time alone with her and chances we both had we both blew. A few years latter came across the name of god Adonia, never to be pronounced out loud. It is said to rhyme with follow roy, which is with that christmas carol’s last name being Roy.  That very much blew me away… All I could do was letter her in the spirit of Arlo Guthrie’s littering about getting everything we want, while he screamed at the draft board kill, kill kill… That wasn’t a good idea of mine for no authority in the courts, chickenshit Murphy lawyer, nor Docs in the a-slum called a hospital I ended up in had no clue of what went down at Club 40’s where it rained and poured for 40 days and nights. I mean the first stalking charge right around Thanksgiving in 94, after writing in yellow hard to read on post cards, “I really need to hear from you.” I did think “A Christmas Carol is going to jump out of this stalking.” All I got from that was treated as guilty in the E-4 Nut section of A-slum the Court seems to think was a hospital. That charge was dropped for there was nothing threatening. That month stay did disable me. But at least year and a half latter ending up on SSDI for family rightfully knew I could not work. It did help to get around with $13,000 grand in back pay to A-slum visit. The 2rd charge I was desperate to talk to her in 1999 and wanted my case in court. So I lettered full bore Arlo talking to shrink at draft board, kill, kill kill, once a month for 6 months before them arresting me in Littleton, where couldn’t drive 20 miles a way.

Don’t get Murphy for a Lawyer. He treated me worse than the Cops, who now know in 2021 or at least probably suspect this story is true. I was in 1999 feeling pressure of my pay SSDI running out after 5 years,,,figuring most would serve was a year. Not the 5 years thanks to 2 escapes. But they didn’t believe one word I said, and totally believed the lie in a Police Report.

Over the next years did some reading in the Bible and found things which backed up my conclusions: Daniel 8:9-14 was kept secret in Daniel 8:26 and is a vision of a horn growing up to the hosts of heaven and dragging stars and hosts down here to earth, with what was kept secret was them being trampled as human beings. Its not too hard to see the powers that be of east and west button heads and we do have a flag planted on the moon. Just think about how the commander of the host could have the place of his sanctuary trampled for 2300 evenings and morning, if he were not a human being! That sanctuary was Club 40s, which around 97 with new owner could go back into, though, there were plenty of very hard feelings between all of us. Carol never was there when was there. Did have talks with her boy friend she had just broke up with when got back broke and broken from $13,500 in cash trip with 4 door red good highway car paid for in cash. Was a bit weird to return from west coast trip (You would have to read the “It Shouldn’t Happen to Anyone” blog on this site to read that in detail, as well as first 10 chapters about 1994 Rocken Down angels awakening.) with beer in hand the whole way and get stopped on 495 right in Littleton.

Then there is the prince of the covenant SHATTERED in Daniel 11:22. That covenant set prisoners free by the blood of the lamb in Zechariah 9:11, and opened up a bottomless pit in Revelations 9:1-2-where a star (an angel) called a he was given a key and opened it up That covenant is as simple as me never going to the big apple where John Lennon was killed. Lennon was the other olive branch of Revelations 11 & and his death shortened these days or else no one would survive.

Please take time to think about this and this next part. Rock and Roll are the 7 Pearls (as I call the peals.) of Thunder kept secret in Revelations 10, who have been revealing the mysteries of god since shortly before my being born in 57. I love joking that the number one song on the day I was born was Jail House Rock by Elvis, for that is what I plan on doing. Hoping to do while still alive.

In 96, after being driven out on the road, had been writing & sending snail mail about the good things to happen in these latter days, (Nations beating swords into plowshares and never training for war again, the lion laying down with the lamb and people having nothing to be afraid of.) (Never seeing 911 coming to complicate this 21st century.) planting seeds everywhere, faxing every IBEW Wirenut Union Hall, with snail mail to churches, bars and politicians. Even had met enough people in travels who had heard of me and had understood.

While writing a born again brother these words came into my head, (which I think came down from above.) “We may very well have been hearing the peals of thunder for some time now.” I wrote them down just as they came to me, and knew instantly that they were rock and roll, without ever remember hearing or reading about them being kept secret in Revelation 10. Please notice that the 7th trumpet is in both Revelation 10 and 11 so Pearls of Thunder have something to do with the 2 olive branches.

(These are 3 very important things kept secret in Daniel 8:26, 12:4 and Revelations 10 that am trying to tell you all about.)


{The video above sings “And I don’t want the world to see me, for i don’t think that they would understand. Just want you to know who I am.”}

What are the chances that the Branch of Isaiah 4, who has 7 women take him as his wives in one day (That can’t be the lamb!) and Branch of Jeremiah 23:6 (That Jeremiah 23 being a huge rebuke to religious leaders then and now who say that Branch is of 2000 years ago when Israel was not dwelling securely, as it says in Jeremiah 23 it is.-

-Or is the Branch in Zechariah 3, where Joshua was used as an example of the Branch to come with Satan shown accusing him of everything:

-Ends up being one of the olive branches shown in heaven in Zechariah 4, and who may still both get killed in Revelations 11.

I am quite sure that Michael arising in Daniel 12:1 is one of them olive branches. Hey those 2 olive branches are said to stand before the lord of the earth, and Michael is said to be the only one who stands firmly with the lamb in Daniel 10:21, and stands guard for the sons of Daniel’s people in Daniel 12:1.

{Quick 10 minutes with rock music clips of the important points.}

All I want is a year of Jubilee for forgiveness of everything so we can figure out a system that works for everyone. Even in this dream of mine below, it is the elite’s security guards locking them up in their Mansions of Hills for their own protection:

My dream is to fulfill Isaiah 23:17-18 and 24:21-24 where the kings of the earth are thrown in jail and the profits of this Beautiful Planet are used for food and fine clothing for those who need it. Then we can have that big party of Isaiah 25, where we Celebrate Thanks Giving Diners of being passed over the insanity of our times.. That will be when the veil will be lifted from all nations eyes, and they understand what they have never heard before.-That last part about understanding has to be what is meant, at the end of Isaiah 52.

{Scary song that parallels in next video of my velvet said of hell trips ended up on, but still offering a year of Jubilee, every 10 years.}

My facebook friend Dorothy Lemus shared this a few New Years Eve ago: -~” May i suggest for the new year avoiding all titles such as liberals, rep, demo, progressives, races, color, educational idiots,etc. and come to a realistic confederation of humanistic individuals understanding and taking over this country and changing it to a better, healthier, educated, spiritual, hard working, united place to breath in. love and light.”

[Writing this 2014 in Belgium with Marie, who walked away from Islam after meeting me after 26 years of it all, born Belgium Catholic Native with roots way back. She had opened a Koran & found peace from wild life in her 30’s,,, never losing the Imagine a brotherhood of mankind dream of sharing the world. She went up above, died with head up against kitchen wall in chair with no table, May 5th-2017, to rage, rage rage about the lunatics (Can hear her first words up there being “How long you gonna let them lunatics ruin things down there?”) in charge down here driving her husband insane. This world is in drastic need of compassion with a year of jubilee so as to set up a system that will work for all. I think it needs to be bottom up empowerment so communities can take care of themselves, for the most part. It could have been a much better Belgium trip with Marie, if had known Carol had been dead since 6-29-2010. (I found she was dead 5 months after being back in Fitchburg living with Caroline, one of the other of many options of 1994.) I wouldn’t recommend trying to move on & writing of old romance which never had happened. I did find it interesting that Marie proudly joked about in sweet Flemish Dialect, “My Grand Pa was first socialist of the Neerlinter little Village we laid he down with family. It turns out May 5 2017 would have been Carl Marx’s 199th birthday. Of course we all like Lennon’s Imagine Brotherhood sharing the world & not what USSR gave a bad name too.]


Charitable Donations to keep spreading the rekindled not moral enough to kill group w bench movement.


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