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Will You Be Building Walls Or Will You Be Building Bridges Towards a Brotherhood of Mankind? Take Your Pick Soon?

At this point in time of ending my lettering, in spirit of the Group W Bench littering for them not moral enough to kill, to end it with this choice. You can either build your walls (A most UN-American thing to me.) or you can start building bridges towards starting a brotherhood of mankind learning to share this melting pot we have been thrown down too, and are riding back home on. Them on the coming rekindled Group W Bench will get any kind of home that they want, hopefully here on earth first. As the saying goes, “Yes there are 2 roads you can travel on, which side will you be on?”

Here is a combo of few different folk rock songs–

–“There’s a Tavern up on the roadside must be coming into town (I’ve stopped at everyone of them with my take the long way home philosophy)

Pulled back on the handle I’ve been doing that all day

You know I’m feeling just like a riptide
I’m feeling a little scared

It ain’t nothing that can’t be handled
Like an actor in a play
Who becomes enraged, jumps from the stage
And gets a little carried away

What do you do when there’s so much in your head you can’t feel the road that you’re on?

Say what needs to be said, get it all off your head and your back on your way before long.

But know there’s one out there somewhere to carry me away.”–A couple different folk rock songs.

But the spirit in this John Fogerty “Don’t You Wish It Were True” song, is what will make America America, if it ever once was or still wishes to be.

We were thrown down here in that war in heaven of Revelation 12 when a women giving birth was said to have stepped on the moon as America planted a flag on. Looking like it was claiming heaven as Europe claimed the now broken promised land. What had “white man” come in peace? Instead it has been trampling the stars and hosts of heaven dragged down here in Daniel 8:9-14, told to be concealed for these times in Daniel 8:26.

The holy people whose power is about SHATTERED in Daniel 12:7 are the Pearls (As I call the Peals kept secret in Revelation 10.) of Thunder who are Rock and Roll, revealing some of the mysteries from above. Please notice that the only 2 times that someone raised their hand and swore about these times was in Revelation 10 and Daniel 12:7 so they tie together. They are the ones with insight in the lost jewel of Daniel 12:3, who will shine brightly leading many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever, when I say they will be given control of the TV-the powers of heaven to be shaken in Math 24.

This video is cover of Arlo’s Prologue song written in 1979 of what he saw happening the dreams of the sixties.

Friend Stretch who slept on my couch winter of 2011, after 6 months of my 20+ gigs of Classic Rock and Youtube Videos said this, “Mike, what went wrong with the Sixties is we forgot to believe in the Music.”

Below is Stretch and me 2012 after Marie bought him Breakfast at Tiny’s in Ayer.

It was a few months back spring of 2019 that CNN had a Documentary on the Sixties Rock and Roll. Graham Nash was talking to one of the Kinks who was shaking his head when Nash said, “Rock and Roll is so powerful that it could rule the world. We could stop the next World War before it ever even happens.” I totally agree with him. When in a Bar after an hour of that Peace and Freedom Rock and you say, “The wrong people are in charge.” The whole bar shakes their head in agreement.

Will leave ya with the Guess Who’s “Share the Land” song that hope to be still walking planet when it happens. By all that know is right, it is the will of the Great Spirits in charge up above.

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