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There’s Something Happening Here.

There’s something happening here.

What it is is almost Clear Water Revival.

There’s Something Happening Here

What it is is almost Clear Water Revival

Is how I started singing the song way back in 1994, after Rocken Down angels were words sang to song that cut open my mind’s eyes, saying, “That’s what happened, we all came down from above. Boy have we been sold some trash about these times.” Its just the Hippy stuff, or core of them who knew what was going on. None probably thought it would take this long to start living in Brotherhood learning to share all of this crowded boiling melting pot of Mother Earth we been thrown down to and are riding back home on. Get tired of saying it while knowing each day is a step closer.

This is great 60s video that we can win today.

This Little Texas song is the one that woke me up. Actually had been feeling for a year in 1993 that there really was something good behind this Country Rock on CMT. In 1993 Rodney Crowell’s “Let The Picture Paint Itself” really struck me as much wisdom. Always have to keep in mind, “don’t go out in public with your head all messed up.” Almost seemed impossible so kept mouth shut when not. The words of the song are “brought down angels”, but for a year sang “Rocked Down angels.” After a chick cut my soul open (Pretty much long over or moved on from now turning 65 next month and half.) at time social conscience awoke with worker ownership of the $20 Billion a year Mondragon Cooperative of the Basque in Spain. Simply a better more dignified way to work. With this little blonde chicken next to me figure there was nothing we couldn’t do. (Just a blue collar working class Camelot story from the kingdom.)

Then on my knees one day watching CMT it came, “That’s what happened. We all came down from above. I’m Michael. I can’t ever tell this to anyone or they will think am crazy”, whispered to myself. 4 days later out of the blue on the phone with an electrician friend I was looking to work for, the man told me of the war in heaven that dragged a third of the stars out of heaven. Well, I went and looked it up in Revelation 12, of a Bible that had not opened for 10 years. It did sit in the back seat of my cars for 10 years.

Here is the Little Texas God Blest Texas CMT Video

I saw 12 stars on the womens head and there are 12 Deweys. The women was travailing to give birth and Mom had told me 2 weeks earlier that I had taken 4 days to be born as 9th child. Says the child was caught up to god and his throne. In 1982 I had an electrical IBEW work accident of 277 volts going in one hand and out the other holding an EMT pipe falling on head from 6 foot ladder. For months I had this cloudy white throne in back of my mind with something laying before it it, and voice from back on left saying, “That is you.” In that Chapter it also says the women stepped on the moon, and we landed on the moon. I’m fairly certain that I am that child or would not bother you in bringing it up. I figure it should help us all get a bigger piece of the pie so we all can have a lighter load to bare.

It was not until end of 1994, 8 months after that Rocken Down angels awakening, that I found Daniel 12:1 where Michael arises with a great distress. Corona Reckoning could be that distress. Is both of them mentions of Michael in Chapter Daniel 12 and Revelation 12 twice just a coincidence? I don’t think so. It was 2 years latter when finally remembered that 2 men had come to Littleton in 1978 at age 20 telling me that I was Michael the arch angel. That had long faded from memory but joined a born again Church of the Open Door (And older brother was part of founded.) out in Petaluma California, which didn’t work.

Also it was around 2 years latter in 1996 that found what was kept secret in Daniel 8:26 about stars and hosts of heaven getting dragged out of the sky and trampled as human beings by today’s establishment which is the horn that grew up to heaven planting a flag on the moon as a sign. Things were also kept secret in Daniel 12:4, 12:9 and Revelation 10. I’m saying Rock and Roll is the Pearls (I call the Peals.) of Thunder sealed up in Revelation 10. Won’t be surprised either if they show up as the 144,000 sealed on their foreheads with new song only they can sing in Revelation 14.

That’s all around the times when the World Court of Daniel 7 sits. It sits to take away the authority of the 1st 3 beasts who are China, USSR and USA. With a 100 million+ killed over the last 100+ years, we need no more or no worse to fulfill that vision. Unless you would like that hail of Revelation 16:20 to fall, that would court can prevent all out Nuclear War. That is how bad that plague of hail sounds to me. Always remember that these times were cut short by John Lennon’s death in the big apple and Michael must never got there. Heard a rebel yell of a Guthrie Girl, “No human gets left behind.” The 4th beast of Daniel 7 is the Church itself, with the 10 horns the churches that came out of Rome. Their strict letter of the law dogma is what will be trashed, so the church can carry out the deeds of Abraham that this world needs to see, not just hear.

Don’t forget, we been watching the end of Revelation 12-13 on our TV sets for the last 70 years. I’d had seen the Church-State Beasts for decades, with their IMAGE of “GOD” which spell in small g format to help break that IMAGE. Now we got a MAGA-EGO-IMAGE. It was Corona Reckoning when that term came to me. Right at start. Weird how had seen at Flea Market days before Corona Shut Down of March 2020. There was a drawing, by artist selling TV quality stuff, of a Native Chief in Full War Bonnet with dark gray storms clouds behind him in the mountains moving towards him. Got weird feeling something was up. That was right before Corona Reckoning Shut Down.

Then the Shut Down came. It came to me why war in heaven was thrown down here. I had known since 1994 that it had. Had never thought to question the why part? The 2 Atomic Bombs on Japan was the reason for it. Lucifer, accusing all before the Throne in Revelation 12 was right them Bombs were wrong, on innocent or not people. Welcome to earth 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Joe Diffie 3rd Rock From the Sun

“We are Star Dust. We Are Golden (From trampling of oke wheat.) We are Billion Year Old Carbon, caught in the Devil’s Bargain. We’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.” Forever is a very long time. Until tomorrow’s forever’s tomorrow.” Why not? “Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground. Mother earth will swallow you lay your body down.” Good words to keep in mind at times.-Leo

It was a week after Corona Reckoning, ruining the pool leagues around town, way out of the blue it came to me that the fatal wound of Revelation 13 was JFK. Remember I was raised in MA with JFK, RFK killed tormenting my Mom, as MLK did too. The Beatles Rock and Roll is what helped heal the Beast of its still fatal wound. Too many people still dream of what had the Kennedy come in peaceful times?

We could have rebuilt the world with US products, if not pushed the USSR to the wall starting the Cold War. I leave you with hope in Revelation 12:11 where its written they overcome by the blood of the lamb and their testimony. This is looking like time for that Testimony.

These 2 photos were created in Business Center of an A-slum run by Lunatics who did not believe a word I said. I was in the Business center every free minute getting paid as kept up the snail mail lettering in spirit of Arlo’s littering. When saw 140,000 US Troops in Iraq in 2003, said, maybe that them 144,000 been looking for? The Earth and exploding stars one is how we got here, after hell was opened in Zechariah 9:11 and Revelation 9:1-2 when prisoners were set free from waterless and bottomless pit. That is the covenant of the Prince Shattered in Daniel 11:22, by oppressor sent through Jewel of the Kingdom in Daniel 11:20. Best stay out of the big apple where John Lennon’s death cut short these times or no one would survive.

(If this confuses you, as the subject can, this 10 minute video has music clips explaining what confirmed my conclusion.)

This is the new way found in Steve Miller’s Space Cowboy anti-establishment 1970s song about them power trippers not being ready for anything but pay their heavy dues. Hell was opened with the Prince Shattered in Daniel 11:22 (Who is not Christ.) and most never go to the big apple, where John Lennon’s death cut short these times. There were overflowing forces in Daniel 11:20 that came from so many videos on CMT and the people who did know me in Club 40s at the time a Mack Truck Hit Me.

Let me end this with Music is the Doctor. I’ve been calling alcohol am stuck with, less than many other times. Until a sex life comes around. After so many seeds it seems like time is growing closer, density, our destiny mankind to live in Peace with the Freedom Dreams. Coke is as bad a plague as Keno and our monetary system. I see it turning towards about a barter like system with more coin at end of month. Music is the Doctor. There’s no quick fix for it all, though, a huge break of Isaiah 25 Party (Woodstocks at 800 Overseas Military Bases to be turned into local needs MASH Type Units.) Am serious about that. All ready in bed enough thinking of what was he thinking in bed. Music is the Doctor of our souls from above.

“Inch by inch mile after mile we are getting there.”–or so Arlo Guthrie says he is told, from somewhere would like to hear the same.

“Sailing up. Sailing down. Up and down the river. The river may be dirty now but its getting cleaner every days.–Pete Seeger

The Highway Men is where am coming from. Were we better men today than before, lets answer call to Liberty which only comes from peace.

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