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Daniel 11:40-45 Appointed Time.

Hi Folks,

I was just Dreaming of California 2005 coming north into Eureka 2005 with Grey Hound up and down hilly winding river from Santa Rosa by Dad. (Sonoma County has great homeless and transients programs. Petaluma especially.) Morning after first knight with no bus that leaves neither south nor north. The morning they were pounding 200 foot concrete 10 by 10s with 150 feet tall100 hammer pounds them into the Bay or River, not sure. Just heard they need to hit bedrock. They were building Board Walk. Having said nothing of any of my story or claims around Mission with good shelter to hang out side covered with tables surround by chairs for the Tramps.

I bring this up for 2rd week at Mission had enough slop food with Churches preaching letter of the law dogma to the down on luck. Early sober 2:AM a man came up to me at outside theater connected to Boardwalk saying, “When you see Daniel 11:46 (I know there is not one.) your will will be done.

(That was just what he said, and hope its good enough to peacefully end Ukraine War. LOL) He went to offer me what looked like a business card but I didn’t take it. Have often wish had taken it for real solid connection of many loose connections of travels hitching and bus in Memphis and down 15 hitching through middle of River to Philadelphia where Natives had Coop thing heard going on from a Brochure at Memphis world traveled Hostel.

In 1996 the back pay of $13 Grand from SSDI was nice break, from break down the Hospital caused, was good for good highway car for NW Elks 3 -c players and IBEW Wirenuts, we called ourselves on Industrial work road trip in SeaTac WA, Elks visits. So headed west to Elk’s Club Woodstock of 3-Cushion Billiards in Medford OR since fall before JFK got shot.

Winter 2005 in New England would be too much in “one stop sign town” of MA.-half way mental health home as quick as could after 5 years in Worcester State Hospital with 2 A-ways without approval. West Coast here I come, with stop in Omaha for a week, getting there after 18 hour wait in Chicago with storm fallowing Grey Hound there.

Thinking of who that man was? My guess is, or hope, it would be he was from Jerry Brown. Back in mid 90’s at start of Rocken Down angels awakening, asked Jerry to be my lawyer if ever was needed, which didn’t see would happen then. He has great grass roots connections. Was in Oakland, (Black man drinking at the bar says to me, “You came to Oakland to meet Jerry Brown?) Was cool to find out City Hall was right across street, but got put off there. Brown had had a lawyer for needed Program in Oakland.

Daniel 11:40-45 is said to be appointed time, and been on my mind since saw Egypt and Libya erupt back in 2011, with eyes on Ethiopia, which is boiling, (Just last week of 4-23, Blinken said there were war crimes from both sides of Ethiopia. That being just a head line at bottom of CNN.) would make 3 out of 3 of them appointed times of Daniel 11:40-45. Then 1-6-21 riot on Capital had me had some trauma for a few days. Talking to Therapist (CIA Plant lol.) it came out, “They got bragging rights for throwing down Babylon in one hour.” She shook her head in approval. 1-6-21 was when Tents were pitched against beautiful holy mountain, now infested with every hateful war monger, with war crimes grown up to heaven. We also been living through the times of Revelation 12-14 war in heaven being thrown down here to earth, with flag on moon a sign of times. We all in now it it together with Mark-masks to buy or sell. Didn’t see that coming. He has just not yet gone away to be found no more, as written of the King on Daniel 11:45. After that,,, them Rockers with insight will shine brightly in Daniel 12:3, when giving control of the TV, leading to them days of Isaiah 2 & Micah 4 beating swords into plowshares never to train for war again.

Some things lifted from my mind’s eyes at start Corona Reckoning slow down. I believe he did miss his chance for bomb, bomb Iran, for after killing an Iranian General could have led too it, without much restraint from Iran. Maybe?

[{We’ve seen 70+ years of raining fire out of heaven from Church-State Beasts in Revelation 12-14. All that killing, while claiming to trust in god are the abominations and blasphemy of them Chapters. War was thrown down here on account of the 2 Bombs on Japan. Lucifer shown accusing all before the Throne was right them 2 Bombs on Japan were wrong. Welcome to earth 3rd Rock from the Sun. The Dragon has weaved a tricky lie, with too much focus on word and not deeds behind it all. What if JFK was the fatal wound which the Beatles’ Rock and Roll helped to heal? Corona brought to light the reason war was thrown down here?}]

2020 brought some great music my way which would like to share to you all. In the spirit of Teaching Pete Seeger in Kinder Garden. Every kid gets a Banjo. 2020 Corona lifted some things off my eyes. Saw how great the supply system is. It can feed the world. 2020 being 40 years since Lennon got killed to cut short these times at age forty and born in 1940 struck me as interesting. 60 years since start of 60s. Lennon always wanted us to come together, now we all are in it together with Mask-Marks to buy or sell. This generation rules. Can see Great Spirits up above us all,,, Maverick James Garner telling the con to Lennon. What con?

This Sara Lee Guthrie came out a few days before Corona Reckoning slow down. No big deal Sanders dropped out, for message goes on and on. She must have been devastated Hear she is available. Which Side are you on? Was very interesting first time time saw which side? there was  at Flea Market around the block was a TV catoonist doing the demons and all of movies. He very good. He had a Native War Chief in dark brown and grey body and hat, with clouds of war blowing in from the sky. I said “Woe.” And walked the block and half from walking home seeing this Sara Lee cover of 1930s Union Coal Minors cries of???

Then with in first week of Corona Reckoning slow down Arlo wakes up saying he must do this cover of 1850s Hard Times come again no more. Did it with Jim Wilson, the Muppet men behind them masks in power. Powerful video. Arlo said on a video talk show of his after he retired, “You know there are men behind them masks.”

And Johnny Irion father of Sara Lee’s kids raised on road. Blew my mind in June with Endless OM. (“There is no end to my life. No beginning death is life.-ELP) Irion did this Tribute of Guru’s of India a 100 years ago. “The universe goes on forever. All we have is each other. Every heart is searching for its home. Inside the endless OM.”

Got to end with Arlo’s 1979 Which Side are you on? on “Outlasting the Blues.” In Prologue Arlo ends with 60s-79 sum up with “Only the words of love kept alive are worthy of not being wasted.” With a prophet groaning alone which in June 2011 Arlo answered my sister on FB (Didn’t want me to marry Marie in Belgium.) about my claims,,, saying “Right now they are all groaning alone.” Was cool to watch 2011 OWS take off, for both Belgium Marie and me were big on that and feeding all we have destroyed.

We’re living through appointed times of Daniel 11:45-40 with 1-6-21 when tents were pitched against the beautiful holy mountain, yes infested with hateful war mongers of MIC Ike warned US of in vain. Bring them all home leaving local needs MASH type Units with Woodstocks. Them with insight shall shine brightly in Daniel 12:3 when Rockers are given control of the TV. A lost Jewel. That is after he goes away to be found no more.

Eat well,

Nickel Carolina

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